Fall 2018

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Q: Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Hurricane Damage?

A: Always check your specific policy (or check with your agent) to know what it does and doesn’t include. The big thing to remember is that coverage for flood and water is typically purchased separately.

lightning storm over homes

Wind damage: Generally speaking, wind damage – including wind from hurricanes – is already included under a standard homeowners policy, since it’s considered a covered peril.

Water damage: Damage from flooding or water is excluded in your homeowners policy. Water-related damage, like flooding or storm surges, has to be purchased separately – and there’s a 30-day waiting period before your policy will go into effect.

Erie Insurance offers flood coverage through a partnership with American Bankers Insurance Company, a federally-funded flood carrier.

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What’s Holding You Back From Purchasing Life Insurance?

Here are 6 common concerns we hear from customers about life insurance.


  1. It’s too expensive
  2. I have a health condition
  3. I don’t have any children
  4. I don’t work outside of the home
  5. I’m not sure what I need
  6. I don’t have the time

If you have not purchased life insurance and one of these reasons hits home, please contact please contact one of our licensed agents at our Lancaster office at 717-397-7531 or our New Holland office at 717-354-4551, to discuss your options.

Three Fire Pit Safety Tips

firepit safety

Fire pits are a wonderful addition to any backyard. They are attractive, inexpensive to use and help to extend the use of your yard through the fall and winter.

But when you use a fire pit, you are literally playing with fire! Careless misuse could not only set your own house ablaze, but also could spark a grass fire and endanger others nearby.

  1. Position the fire pit at least 10 feet away from any structure and away from any low hanging tree branches.
  2. Do not put a fire pit on a wooden deck or directly on grass as that increases your chance of fire.
  3. The pit should be at least 6 inches deep at the center and 2 feet across to keep the embers and flames contained.

How To Prepare Your Home for the Colder Months

home in winter with snow

  • Clean gutters once leaves have fallen
  • Clean your chimney
  • Service your furnace
  • Clean lawn mowers and equipment for winter storage
  • Caulk around windows and doors
  • Check the snow blower
  • Replace furnace filters (and check/replace at least every 3 months)
  • Change your smoke detector batteries

Medicare Corner


Annual Election Period: The Annual Election Period for Medicare Advantage plans begins October 15 and runs through December 7, 2018. During this time, you can make changes to your existing plan. Our agency has teamed up with the region’s top Medicare providers and we would love to discuss your options.

Medicare Supplement: This type of plan coordinates benefits with Medicare Parts A & B.

Please call our New Holland office at 717-354-4551 or our Lancaster office at 717-397-7531 to discuss your options with a licensed agent.