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Community Insurance has been serving the residents and business owners of Central Pennsylvania since 1955. As a local independent insurance agency, with two convenient locations in Lancaster, PA and New Holland, PA, we provide the customer service and communication you won’t find from larger agencies. Our team is made up of insurance professionals who are dedicated to serving you first and seeing that you get the appropriate assistance you need.

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Providing for Your Family

Risk Factor

Raising a child is a rewarding and important life experience. It is also very expensive. The average cost of raising a child, born in 2013, to age 18 is more than $300,000. If you were to die tomorrow, would your spouse be able to provide food, clothes, daycare, and eventually college tuition for your child? In 2013, the average cost of tuition, fees, room and board for a private college was $41,412 per year.


Having life insurance could secure the future for your children if you have an untimely death. With a life insurance policy, there would be enough income to help pay for everything your child could need while growing up.

Mortgage Payments

Risk Factor

After your death, any outstanding debt and financial obligations do not disappear. Your home is probably the costliest and most significant property you own. A mortgage payment is a large burden for a widow or widower to carry.


A life insurance policy would allow your spouse or children to pay off your outstanding debts and spare them the stress of making monthly payments on the home and car(s).

Auto Payments

Risk Factor

Many families lease or finance their automobiles these days. If the primary earner in the family were to die, the family could be left with outstanding car payments for years to come.


A life insurance policy would allow your spouse or children to pay off your outstanding debts and spare them the stress of making monthly payments on your car(s).

Funeral Costs

Risk Factor

The average funeral costs about $10,000. That high price is for standard things, not unnecessary options or luxurious services. A death in the family is stressful enough; why add the hefty bill of a funeral to that stress?


A life insurance policy can easily cover the cost of a funeral. Your family will be able to think of you and have peace of mind without being burdened by funeral costs.

Protecting Your Retirement Savings

Risk Factor

Once you retire, you will be living off social security, and if you are lucky to have them, a pension or retirement fund, too. But what if the surviving spouse has been relying on you to fund retirement for the couple? Premature death of an earner can affect sources of retirement benefits such as Social Security benefits.


Life insurance can help support a surviving spouse during his or her retirement.

Protecting Your Small Business

Risk Factor

If you passed away, would your business suffer? There are many complications and financial issues that can arise due to the death of a business owner. Many people overlook this predicament.


A life insurance policy can keep a business moving along even during tough times, such as the loss of the business owner/partner. Key person life insurance is payable to the company and provides money for training and hiring of a new employee. A buy-sell agreement, funded by life insurance, allows the other partners in the business to buy the deceased’s share of the business, which will provide money for his or her family.

Spousal Support / Income Replacement

Risk Factor

Many people mistakenly think that they don’t need life insurance if they don’t have children or if their children are grown. However, your financial responsibilities fall to your family when you are gone.


Life insurance can replace the income you would usually bring in and help support your spouse or adult children. Keeping your loved ones living in the way they are accustomed to is an important thing to think about.

Featured Testimonials

Fire Line Equipment has been with Community Insurance with Deb Groff as our representative since we started our business in East Earl PA in 2009, they have been a real partner as we have grown and have been there when we needed them! I have recommended them to family, friends, and other businesses which have transferred there! The service and personal attention they give to our account are awesome!

Ronald FinkCo-Owner Fire Line Equipment

Community Insurance is our preferred agency for business and personal insurance and we could not be more pleased with the service we have received. Deb in the New Holland office has been our go-to person and we appreciate her knowledge, professionalism and sincere dedication to us. Importantly also, Community Insurance has shown its commitment to the community as a Major Sponsor of the annual Kiwanis of New Holland Golf Tournament which in turn supports local children’s charities and projects.

Vernon M.

They go above and beyond with service and do their best to get you the best rates. I’m so thankful for all they have done in the short time they were given. Fabulous team!

Lori Hughes

Several years ago I switched to Community Insurance before its name changed, because I felt my prior agent didn’t give me the attention I deserved for giving them all of my business. Since then, Community Insurance has paid close attention to my account and has answered all of my questions beyond my satisfaction. If only the other companies with which I do business did the same, I would have a lot of stress removed from my life. My current agent knows me and my needs.

Philip Grahek

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